Welcome to our Women's Association website! We are an active, vibrant organization designed to promote friendships, as well as educational and fun opportunities for all women who are members of the Berry Creek Country Club. If you are not currently a member of our organization, we hope you will take the time to learn more about us on this site and choose to become a member. If you are a member, be sure to check out the exciting array of events that we have lined up for the 2017-2018 season.

We hope to see all of you in the upcoming months!  For questions or more information, call our membership chairperson, Mary Huggins at
512-688-1562 or contact her at hugginsmm@icloud.com

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Who We Are...
The BCCC Women's Association is an organization for all women who are members of the Berry Creek Country Club. The purpose of the Association is to promote friendship, education and fun among its members through a wide range of events such as luncheons, special programs, a holiday home tour and day trips.

When We Meet...
Our events are generally held on the fourth Tuesday of the month, September through May. Depending on our programs, some dates may vary. When we meet at the Club for our events, we begin with a social time at 11:30am, followed by lunch at 12:00 noon.

Who is Eligible to Become a Member...
All women who are active members of the Berry Creek Country Club may join the Women's Association. Women who have been past members of the Association and are no longer members 
of the Berry Creek Country Club, may continue as grandfathered members of the Association.

Our Annual Dues and How They Are Paid...
Annual dues to the Association are $35.00 per year. Dues are billed through the Club each year in your 
September billing statement. New members joining the Association after September will pay their dues 
directly to the Association treasurer. Grandfathered members will be billed by the Association's
treasurer. Dues are pro-rated after January.

 Find More Details Regarding the Monthly Events...
As a member, you will receive three publicity pieces regarding each of our monthly events: postcard in 
the mail, an article featured in the monthly BCCC newsletter and an e-blast from the Club. 

Should Reservations Be Made...
Reservations and/or cancellations for our monthly events are required and may be made through Julie Choate, Reservations Chair, at berrycreekrsvp@yahoo.com or if E-mail is not available, call Julie choate at 512-632-0123.  Anyone who is a no-show at an event and fails to cancel her reservation will be billed for any expenses incurred.

May Guests Attend...
Guests or members of Berry Creek Country Club are welcome at any of our events, but may attend 
no more than two events per year at which time they will be encouraged to join our Association. Out-of-town visitors and relatives of Association members, however, are welcome for unlimited visits.

If You Have Further Questions...
To learn more about our Association, contact our Membership Chairperson, Mary Huggins, at 512-688-1562 or via email hugginsmm@icloud.com

Get ready for a year full of fun and exciting events!!
Bus Trips
Home Show
Fashion Show (This September)
Guest Speakers
Luncheons and more!

Board Officers 2017 - 2018

President  Dina Crumm
1st Vice President  Linda Hansen
2nd Vice President  Mary Huggins
Reservations  Julie Choate
Decorations  Betsey Scogin
Secretary  Sharon Lawless
Treasurer   Mary French
Publicity  Beverly Kohnert

2017-2018 BCCCWA Officers:
From left to right:       
Beverly Kohnert - Publicity, Linda Hansen - 1st Vice President, Mary Huggins - 2nd Vice President,       Julie Choate - Reservations, Sharon Lawliss - Secretary, Becky Scogin - Decorations, 
Mary French - Treasurer,  Dina Crumm - President

2017 - 2018 Programs 
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Reservations are required for all events. To make reservations and/or cancellations, contact Julie Choate, Reservations Chair, at berrycreekrsvp@yahoo.com, or if E-mail is not available, call Julie Choate at 512-0123.

The deadline for making your reservations and/or cancellations is 5:00pm, the Thursday prior to an event. Cash or checks payable to BCCCWA on the day of the event.

"Any no-shows or cancellations after the deadline will be charged."

Click here for the Berry Creek Country Club Women's Association By-Laws